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Red fury karate


Find those secret weapons and you put in the sweat, you fight your battles, and you beat your monster.

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Abigail rogers 

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Abigail Rogers is a thirteen-year-old karate tournament competitor and epilepsy warrior.  She was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was six years old.  When she was nine, she began studying Wado-ryu Karate at the Milan Martial Arts Academy under Sensei Seth Lee.  Abigail currently holds the rank of first-degree brown belt (a/k/a black belt candidate).  She is a frequent tournament competitor with many victories in traditional forms, traditional weapons, and point sparring to her credit.  Abigail is a student instructor at her dojo.  She enjoys working with younger students and helping them to reach their potential in martial arts.  In addition to her martial arts training and competing, Abigail is an advocate for people who have epilepsy.  She works to raise awareness about epilepsy and to help people understand that their epilepsy doesn’t have to keep them from their goals.  She gives motivational speeches about conquering monsters and reaching dreams.  When she’s not training, competing, or advocating, Abigail is an active member of the North Jackson Church of Christ in Jackson, TN and enjoys whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, and playing Dungeons & Dragons. 

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I don’t care what it is but write down something that you think you can become good at that can help you with the things that mess you up.

The sooner you understand that the only way to beat the monsters is to struggle, the sooner you will be on the path to beating your monster.

Embrace the struggle.

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