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Time for a Change

As a martial artist, Abi has consistently articulated two specific goals: she wants to compete for world championships in sports karate, and she wants to lead her own dojo someday.  We, her team of parents, advisors, and consultants are constantly trying to help her reach those goals.  With those things in mind, our Red Fury team has decided to make some changes to Abi’s training regimen.  In short, Abi will be training at a new dojo, and her competition training will undergo a thorough makeover.

 Throughout our time at Milan Martial Arts Academy, we've valued the foundation and mentorship Sensei Seth Lee provided Abi and are grateful for the confidence and identity she gained during her four years there. Our decision to change dojos stems in part from Abi’s long-term desire to lead a dojo of her own someday, and our perception that she would benefit from the oversight and resources that are available by affiliating with the federation that connects Wado Ryu Karatedo with its roots in Japan.  Additionally, we believe that her competition career will benefit from focused, specialized training with some of the top instructors and competitors in the sports martial arts world.

Looking ahead, we're excited to announce that we've joined Lexington Wado Ryu, a dojo sanctioned by the Eastern United States Wado Ryu Karatedo Federation. This change allows Abi to connect directly with the roots of Wado Ryu Karatedo, while training within the framework of the federation and achieving mastery that will be recognized worldwide. We're grateful for the support and guidance of her new Sensei, Mr. Thomas Mitchell, a 5th degree black belt, as we embark on this new chapter.

In addition to dojo training, Abi, together with her friends Amberlynn Shaw and Reagan Mason, will undertake a new regimen of highly focused, competition-specific training, exploring avenues to enhance their competition skills in forms and weapons with some of the top competitors and instructors in the sports karate community. The girls are enthusiastic about training, traveling, and competing together.  We're also incorporating private tumbling lessons to complement their martial arts training as they prepare to compete in the Creative, Musical, and Extreme events. Through these changes, we're committed to fostering Abi's growth and providing her with the best opportunities to pursue her martial arts aspirations.

While this transition marks a new beginning for Abi, we carry with us the positive experiences and lessons learned from our time at Milan Martial Arts Academy. We appreciate Sensei Lee’s contributions to Abi's journey and wish him and Milan Martial Arts continued success.

As we embark on this new journey, we're filled with hope and anticipation for what lies ahead. We're confident that this change will enable Abi to flourish both as a martial artist and as an individual. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and continues to support us along the way.

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